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NEWS Last Updated: Tuesday October 14th, 2014 02:10:12 pm EST
Published: Tuesday - April 03, 2012 at 07:09:45 PM
Red Barn Radio!
New Show - From the heart of Bluegrass Kentucky!
The WWB WorldWideBluegrass.com has provided its listeners with its very first "pre-recorded" show! The Red Barn Radio program will be airing soon. No DJ will be available in the chat for this program, as in the many "live" shows where the DJ is also host for the chatters that want to talk and ask questions about the music she/he plays. This has been the standard operation method at the WWB- LIVE DJs, Live Shows and Live Interaction via chat with the listeners and fans of Bluegrass. We all are excited to have this new show (along with several other new LIVE DJs and Shows) added to our roster of entertainment pleasure! WorldWideBluegrass.com - is the internet's first and ORIGINAL LIVE Bluegrass station providing such a format complete with chat and because of the WWB, many other stations have sprung up to add bluegrass to their country mix format. The Red Barn Radio program will add some spice to an already heavy hitting LIVE and entertaining bevy of programs and personalities! The WWB has itALL!

Kentucky is known for its rich roots with tradition and music and Worldwide Bluegrass.com is proud to begin airing Red Barn Radio every Wednesday April 4th, 2012, from 5-6 PM eastern time. The show is a Kentucky institution featuring some of the best groups and musicians the region has to offer. The show is produced by Ed Commons and Brad Becker (also host for the show) and they bring out some of the most obscure but very high quality talent the state of Kentucky has to offer. Sitting down with Ed a few times, he shared their mission statement:

RED BARN RADIO showcases Old Time and Bluegrass musicians, from our Commonwealth and neighboring states, where Kentucky music has settled and flourished. Red Barn Radio programming enlivens and archives Kentucky’s musical heritage through weekly conversations and performances with our talented guests while bringing to the airwaves a uniquely refreshing hour of Americana programming.”

Worldwide Bluegrass.com welcomes Red Barn Radio with open arms and plan to share some of the Kentucky musical heritage with the world.

..........Terry Poirier

Here’s the article I’ve come up with Gracie.

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