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NEWS Last Updated: Tuesday October 14th, 2014 02:10:12 pm EST
Published: Saturday - February 02, 2013 at 02:25:00 PM
Another Sign from Facebook!
Its WWB's February Valentine! Carrie Hassler!
© facebook.com/carriehassler
Carrie Hassler first heard her music on the air, (Seven Miles from Wichita) on the radio, here at the WWB WorldWideBluegrass.com! Since then, everybody spins Carrie! XM/Sirius, Terrestrial and Internet radio - her voice is all over the place... she's a Bluegrass sweetheart! So, ever since that first spin, too, , she's been a "favorite" of the webcasters and hosts here to spin her brand of "Hard Rain" Bluegrass with her beautiful voice, sometimes pumped up and smoking, or sometimes something just laid back and sweet, but always great- out there into cyberspace from all over the world. Imagine our delight when we saw this homemade, heartfelt sign that she posted just for the WWB~ Wow! What a thrill she gave us... she loves us and boy do we love her!

If you go to http://www.carriehassler.com you can read more about her and her marvelous contributions to Bluegrass and Country music as well as many other community minded associations. Being a mom, and a highly regarded vocalist has brought her a lot of fame and she uses it to benefit others as well as just her career and family. Just recently she became involved in the Pink Arrow Project!

Her website states: "Carrie Hassler is sponsored by MOON PIE and has also been honored by her hometown of Pikeville, TN where the Mayor presented her with the Key to the City and proclaimed “Carrie Hassler Day.” Carrie has been influenced by a wide range of talents including Sheri Easter, a gospel singer who tinged her music with some bluegrass sounds along with the gospel message; Etta James, Patsy Cline, Dale Ann Bradley and Alison Krauss. “To this day, I remember the people I looked up to and I hope to make the same kind of mark in lives as these women did in mine,” said Carrie"

Well today, she made an extra special mark in our hearts by making her sign - and we're declaring our love for her as as artist and a wonderful woman... she's our February Valentine!

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